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Welcome to FOLIO!

(Facilitated Online Learning as an Interactive Opportunity)



Most Recent Course:

Introduction to e-learning (E-FOLIO) 



Following the success of the FOLIO programme, the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) have comissioned the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield to run the courses in Australia and New Zealand. See http://folioz.pbwiki.com/ for further details.


Previous FOLIO Courses

We are in the process of adding an archive of previous FOLIO courses to this site. Materials from the following courses are currently available:



If you can't find what you are looking for here, please contact us at: folio@sheffield.ac.uk.


Course Evaluation Reports

Evaluation reports for the following courses are available:



What is FOLIO?

FOLIO is a programme of online learning for health librarians. FOLIO was set up to form part of the National Library for Health Librarian Development Programme which was established to provide support for librarians moving into new roles, focusing on the development of skills in health informatics and knowledge management, especially related to digital libraries.


Why online learning?

FOLIO was set up because librarians often find it difficult to get away from the workplace to attend training, whether because of staff shortages, limited budgets, travel time or other difficulties.


How has FOLIO come about?

FOLIO was introduced as a pilot during Spring 2003, to deliver online training to librarians at a time and place convenient to them.


Who is involved?

FOLIO is delivered by a team based at ScHARR, University of Sheffield. It was initially commissioned by the National Library for Health, and more recently by the SHALL (Strategic Health Authority Library Leads) CPD Group.


What are the course topics?


The FOLIO courses that have been run so far are:


· Breaking out of the Box: Extending the health LIS professional role - skills and strategies' (BREAKOUT)

· Designing and delivering information skills training courses (INFOSKILLS)

· Designing, conducting and analysing surveys and questionnaires (ASQ)

· Evaluating information skills training courses (INFOSKILLS2) 

· Evidence Based Library and Information Practice: Delivering Services that Shine (EBLIP-Gloss)

· The FOLIO customer care course (FRONTIER)

· Getting to grips with knowledge management (G2G)

· Information for social care (I4SC)

· Introduction to e-learning (E-FOLIO)

· Making your case successfully (MACHIAVEL)

· Management Skills for the More Experienced (ExFiles)

· Managing change for health information professionals (MCHIP)

· Managing for service quality (MSQ)

· Maximising the impact of your service (MAXIM)

· Moving into Supervision: Supervisory skills for paraprofessionals and/or newly qualified professionals (MOVES)

· Planning and conducting an information needs analysis (PACINA)

· Promoting and Marketing Library and Information Services (PROMISE)

· Understanding the business of clinical care (CLINICOS)


How can I find out more?


See the following articles about the FOLIO programme:


  • Booth,A., Sutton,A., Wilkinson,A. & Papaioannou,D. (2007) Break out with e-learning. CILIP Library and Information Update; 6 (7-8): 42-44.
  • Sutton,A., Booth,A., Ayiku,L. & O'Rourke,A. (2005) e-FOLIO: using e-learning to learn about e-learning. Health Information and Libraries Journal; 22 (s2): 84-88.
  • Ayiku,L., Booth,A., Sutton,A. & O'Rourke,A. (2005) Fulfilling a yearning for e-learning? CILIP Library and Information Update; 4 (10): 27-29.


FOLIO Course Reviews:


Wilson,J. (2010) Review of EBLIP (Evidence Based Library and Information Practice) Online Course, University of Sheffield. SHINE (Scottish Health Information Network). Available at: http://www.shinelib.org.uk/cpd/publications/article/show/12 [Accessed April 2011]


If you have a specific question, please contact us at: folio@sheffield.ac.uk.





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